Career path.

Our career model comprises the following levels: Junior Project Consultant, Senior Project Consultant, Project Manager and Partner.

As a university graduate you will start with us as a Junior Project Consultant and will be developed continually both "on the Job" by our colleagues and by our internal training courses. Coaching and mentoring are integral parts of the development process.

If you are up to meeting the demands of the next career level, you will gradually take on more responsibility as a Senior Project Consultant and then as a Project Manager - both in the acquisition, implementation and control of projects and in the internal development of BLUBERRIES.

As a Partner at BLUBERRIES you will focus on expanding our customer and project portfolio and therefore actively drive the continued growth of BLUBERRIES. In the process you will use your excellent industry and customer network and your extensive technical expertise.

New recruits can join us at any level, depending on their technical and personal competences. What is important to us is that you determine yourself how quickly and how far you would like to move up the career ladder. We do not follow the "up-or-out" principle.