Strong roots bear the best fruit.

BLUBERRIES are consultants with personality! We do not get held up by rigid structures and set ourselves the goal of achieving results that satisfy everyone. Our work centres around qualities that are fundamental for us: we are loyal, authentic, collegial, honest, open and decisive. We get things done, communicate purposefully and implement your project successfully at all levels of the company.

We are very well connected in our industry and find creative solutions to individual problems. We develop solutions together with our customers. We stay with our projects until their successful implementation - because we measure ourselves by the long-term effect of our work.

Robert Fink

Project Manager / HR Officer

»Mutual trust and respect, technical expertise, commitment and the unconditional will to succeed – these are for me the key requirements for profitable project work with my customers and colleagues.

At BLUBERRIES I am happy to be inspired by my younger colleagues and I am particularly keen to pass on my many years of experience to them.«

Andreas Jakob

Project Manager

»The decision to join BLUBERRIES after working freelance for ten years was easy. An atmosphere of trust both internally and externally, the opportunity to be flexible and work with commitment towards the success of the project with the customer are the criteria and framework conditions that are important to me.

At the same time I can pass on my knowledge and experience in a great team and in turn be inspired by the team.«

Jana Geese

Project Manager

»For me, what distinguishes working at BLUBERRIES is an appreciative and friendly working environment.

I also appreciate the flexibility that BLUBERRIES allows me in terms of my way of working and my personal development, as well as the opportunity to actively help shape the growth of our young company.«

Andreas Pointvogl

Project Manager

»Regulation is not only stick and carrot, but also glue and spacer of living and working together both in private and business.

Designing, implementing and continuously improving regulation in the public interest is my passion and made me part of BLUBERRIES.«

Leonhard Beutel

Senior Project Consultant

»BLUBERRIES enables me to work in a dynamic environment in which I am constantly challenged to grow. At the same time, I can always rely on the help of the more experienced colleagues in our appreciative and amicable working environment.

Moreover, I appreciate the independence and flexibility and the possibility to fully develop my potential with the very broad training programs.«

Dr. Tobias Heldt

Senior Project Consultant

»The Europeanisation of the energy sectors has opened the door to a multitude of legal, institutional and regulatory challenges.

At BLUBERRIES I can apply my expertise in these areas to help the relevant stakeholders to be successful in a constantly changing energy sector.«